Let's Sit Down

Let's Have (Virtual) Lunch.
It's lunchtime somewhere.

Back in the Before Times, long before it was reasonable for me to attempt Work, friends would ring me up and say "Can I take you to lunch - my treat - and we only talk about me? I want to hear your take on some things." And that was fun and delightful. I don't eat in the public indoors these days, but we can pretend. It doesn't need to be lunch, we can be in different time zones, isn't the internet wonderful?

Choose your dining option

If we went to the locally owned Mike's Drive In, you might order the chicken basket. I'll get a burger with sweet potato waffle fries. The check at the register is $35. Some people tip at the window, that's up to you.

Want something a little nicer? A sit down with a server place? I recommend the Highland Stillhouse, a fine Scottish establishment. We each start with a cup of homemade soup. I love the half order of gluten free fish and chips. You might choose a corned beef pastie with sauerkraut. For dessert, we split an order of the fruit crisp with ice cream over coffee. Total plus tip is $80.

I'll send a follow-up email to confirm. If you want to send me something to look at in advance, just hit reply. Let's assume I might take a half hour to look it over. My neurovariance is significant; I reserve the right to dismiss time and space and tunnel into this thing like a burrowing animal but this is not implied and certainly not guaranteed.

We'll meet, talk - the focus is all on you. People have brought me philosophical questions, sticky conflicts that wanted handling suggestions, training outlines or syllabus for a second look, the need for advice or encouragement. Sometimes people just want someone not directly involved in their life/work to listen intently and ask innocent questions. I'm here.

At your request, I can record our time and send you a summary with any notes we took together. If you decide you would like extra help from me, we can work that out separately.

And that's it. No commitment, no fuss. Just some good conversation, my honest feedback and perspective on whatever is going on for you.