You Say You Want A Revolution...

It starts with a conversation

We all want the world to be different than it is. Are you ready to get real about that - to do the Work - personally and in the world - to make that happen?

Have you been frustrated and feel like you're going in circles, or that the progress is too little, too slow? Maybe you are not even sure where to start?

Even those of us who have an idea or a passion can hit roadblocks and get turned around. It's easy to get off course due to outside pressures. You start reacting rather than responding and before you know it you are moving from crisis to crisis rather than closer to your vision.

Introducing Pathfinding

In a world where most activists and organizers burn out or sell out, there’s a better way and a path for you. I've been on my path for 30 years. I believe that the best use of my resources, experiences and gifts is to offer a method of moving forward - where ever the path takes us - into a more interconnected, life-affirming world. I'm calling it Pathfinding.When you use the Pathfinding process to navigate, you define for yourself what it means to live with integrity, to be ethically and values-driven and to make choices with clarity and courage - even at times when there is precious little hope.

The Pathfinding Process

Our path is a spiral that passes through six elements.

"Working with Stone is a game-changer.

I'm not sure that I would be where I am in my life had I not met this incredible person. Stone is someone who has a settled nervous system. You will notice a sense of calm and ease in your body when you are in Stone's presence. After spending more time with Stone, I would find myself more serene and open to possibilities. Stone has a knack for meeting you exactly where you are. When you need someone to listen or are ready to move into solutions, Stone can guide you. Stone has been invaluable to my success as an entrepreneur, friend, partner, and citizen of the world." Kari Doherty, certified Baptiste yoga instructor | studio owner | Luminous Recovery Yoga

The Rewards of Being A Pathfinder

Create radical clarity about the direction you want your work and your life to take.

You’ll gain a concrete understanding of your present state. Identify challenges and opportunites so you can create a strategy for moving forward. You’ll develop a rooted vision of how your desired calling can change your life and the world.

Gain a deeper understanding of the values and principles that guide you and that you wish to call forth in yourself.

Ongoing realignment with values/ethics prevents cynicism and despair. Build courage! Create a world that matches your inner truth.

Identify tangible markers to keep you on course and prevent mission drift.

Choose your own criteria for the work you do. Balance your inner and outer guideposts to stay steady and on course.

Build skills in real-time iteration and improvement.

Implement your strategy and critically and compassionately look at your results. Creatively modify your work to be responsive to the facts-on-the-ground and the learning you experience along the way.

Build resilience and reduce fragility.

Create powerful community relationships. Identify more resources and more ways you can contribute to support yourself and others.

"Stone is an incredible coach.

When our relationship started I could barely look at her and my voice was shaky. I worked in a large company on a team of 22 people so my initial goal was merely to be able to speak up at work. ... Stone is powerful at eliciting meaningful goals. She helped me identify skills to develop to support my life dreams and encouraged new competencies that supported my bigger vision for my life ... In other words, Stone's ability to listen and draw out wants, needs, and goals, and then help me focus to build a life centered on deep meaning is amazing! I have worked with a few coaches after we parted, but Stone set the standard I hold other coaches to. And honestly, the others failed to meet her level of caring, integrity and skills. She is a gem and anyone who works with Stone gets a treasure. She is a true gift! So do I recommend Stone Cairns as a coach - absolutely and without hesitation! I cannot speak highly enough about her. "Mary Fierce, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, InDepth Nutrition

How It Works

We begin by laying a foundation of self-knowledge and assessment. From there, we’ll get strategic about the skills and tools that are going to maximize your effectiveness in your mission and keep your footing sure.

During your time as a Pathfinder, you are encouraged to attend any additional live workshop sessions I host. I may also share recordings of additional materials if these might support your work.

“Stone approaches all that I bring into the coaching sessions with non-judgment, and through her curious questioning, it feels like I have a partner in what I'm struggling with. As a result, I walk away feeling confident, grounded, and validated. To top it off, the accountability and continual support loosen self-sabotaging patterns, which energizes me to do what's needed to make the impact I truly desire. I'm glad to have her in my corner!Kristina Krauss, Certified Holistic Life Coach |