Workshops & Classes

What's Coming Up

Gratitude Gatherings!

Every Wednesday at Noon Pacific Time on the Insight Timer app.

Join us for 30 minutes of appreciation and gratitude! We'll begin with a brief centering exercise to bring us into the present moment. Then we'll have some fun with prompts to share in the chat or in your journal. You will leave refreshed and with renewed perspective.

"Stone and I have a great time facilitating training, and consulting together, most frequently through Meta Peace Team. I remember showing up once to facilitate what we had been told was a "intro to nonviolence training" for folks who didn't have much experience and were starting to explore the possibilities of nonviolent alternatives to fighting injustice. Introductions and and initial activity introduced us to a room full of people who had traveled to Latin America to volunteer as human rights defenders during the dirty wars of the 1980s, folks who has spent months and sometimes years incarcerated for their part in nonviolent civil disobedience, individuals who has marched with MLK and worked with Cesar Chavez. This was NOT a group new to nonviolent activism. We threw out the agenda, created a new one with the group and facilitated a skills-share where we learned a great deal and where the group coalesced to work on future actions together. This is one of the things I love about working with Stone, their flexibility, willingness to adapt to meet the needs or the group and ability to let go of a plan when that is needed. "Sheri WanderCommunity Organizer, Nonviolence Educator

I love to teach.

Private Groups

I would be happy to work with your organization or even a group of your friends to create workshops or classes around nonviolent conflict communication, consensus building, facilitation skills, self and movement care and more.

Public Workshops

I am so pleased to partner with organizations and communities to bring workshops and programs not only to their membership but also to the wider community. I’ll list them here as they come up - please join us!

As a Sounding Board

Teaching is my most natural love and I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I even have a Master’s degree in adult ed. My experience ranges from volunteer training and informal or popular structures all the way to formal settings including higher education.

I’m thrilled to talk through your plans, brainstorm learning opportunities, strategize for outcomes. I’m here to help. I love this stuff. The easiest way to get started is to take me to virtual lunch.